"Great to see that you're still providing this valuable training Stephen. Having completed this course in Chesterfield in 2002 (?) I then moved jobs and put my team through it in 2006 with great results"

IAN ATTERBURY - MD at Devenish Nutrition

"I really recommend this course and the direction of Steve. Coming from a SME where budgets were small and training passed down by self taught colleagues this course put me on the straight and narrow and transformed the professionalism of exports within our business. We have even taught forwarders a few things."

CHRISTOPHER WALTERS -  Export Sales Manager at Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd.

"Would highly recommend this to anyone working in International Shipping & Forwarding. I successfully completed the programme at Chesterfield Chamber last year. Steve is excellent and what he doesn't know is not worth knowing".

MARIELA ALCOCK - Freight Forwarder at Inter-Ways Ltd

"Our last conversation about the impacts of Corona Virus on my companies supplychain feels like a lifetime ago and seems like small potatoes now! As with many of my cohort we have furloughed warehouse and production staff. I’m working from home, as is the sales team, accounts and other office staff. I must tell you that my ITOPS learning has already proven widely applicable in the current international situation. I don’t know where we’d be without it.

TOM GAUDION - Very-PC Limited